Wednesday, January 26, 2011

3 things

I've been thinking and well, here are a few things I love:

1. I love that I can call my sister and that my nephew will answer the phone and excitedly greet me, "Hello Auntie Wonderful!" just kidding about the wonderful part, but he really does say my name and I love that. I love that he is two (and a half?) and can tell that I am the one calling to chat (which probably has something to do with the fact that any time I call my sister a picture of me pops up on her phone). I love that after answering the phone he proceeds to tell me all about how he is doing, he got a ballon, it's blue, it's awesome, it has string.... but he will not tell me where he got it from. You know, the important stuff in life. Obviously. I love that he suddenly said, "Ok, I love you. Bye. Here's Mommy," and then when Mommy was talking to me he announced rather loudly that I didn't ask to talk to Mommy and that he wasn't finished talking to me. I love it. Love it. Pretty much nephews and nieces are the best thing on the planet. They are just so wonderful and adorable and cuddly (unless of course they aren't the cuddly type or they are 15 years old in which case they are probably a little too old for cuddling). I love that I have 10 wonderful and beautiful and adorable nephews and nieces. I love it when I actually get to visit them and see them and play with them and squish their little faces. Love it.

2. I love that I am enjoying my second snow day this week, and it's only Wednesday. Yes, it is wonderful. I don't care what any one says, snow days are Amazing. And a blessing. I love being home and getting stuff done: you know like all of that laundry I was telling you about the other day. Still, I love it, the snow makes me happy. It's so pretty and wonderful. I love snow days because I am able to regroup and figure out what I need to do and when I need to do and possibly even get it done. Although, I've had some trouble getting some of the homeworks done today... ai. I really just don't want to, and I find this much more enjoyable than working on something entirely dreadful.

3. I love that I have a happy and cozy home filled with love and joy and yummy smells (most of the time that is). I love that there is a wonderful hubs here and a sweet puppy who is learning more and more every day how to behave like I want him to (that is: to sleep and not bite me). Yes. It's pretty marvelous.

Yes. These are the things I love.

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