Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The 1/2

I signed up to kill myself. It's true. For some reason back in October or November I got the genius idea to suggest running in a half marathon to my sister, who happens to be a professional runner. Whatever possessed me to suggest running a half marathon I will never know. And now I am going to die because of it.

If you can remember from my near death experience a few months ago, I am not a runner. I am not an athlete. I don't exercise. My idea of exercise is walking up and down the stairs with a few loads of laundry and taking the pup on a little walk - around the yard. I ran once. In college. When I had to. I was getting graded on it. Since leaving college (which is longer than I would like to admit) I have not run a single mile, with the exception of the one a few months ago that nearly killed me. And now I've gone done decided to sign up of a 1/2 Marathon. Crazy.

At least Princesses will be there. That's the only way I knew I would even do it: princess had to be involved. Even still, I'm an official crazy. In approximately six weeks I am going to have to run 13 straight miles. 13 miles. Run. 13 miles. o. good. gravy. I am going to die. I just thought you should know that. It's been nice knowing you.

Thankfully I haven't died yet from all that running. I've been running three miles during the week and running a super long time on the weekends ... the sad part about it is that the longest distance I have run so far is eight miles and I have to run 13 whole miles. O what was I thinking? Apparently I wasn't.

Thankfully I have a wonderful sister who Loves running and I can call and whine and complain to her about how I am about to kill over dead from running three miles. And thankfully she is running the 1/2 with me. I know for a fact that if she wasn't, I wouldn't be. No way. It would have to be a cold day in ... no. So much so that I didn't even register. I made my sister do it. Even though I was the one with whole free long empty days and she had a family to take care of and a job. I knew that I didn't have enough guts to sign up. She did. So I had to pay her back. Motivation, right? Right. Now that I've paid for it, I have to run it. That's a big fat chuck of motivation right there.

Anyhow. I'll let you know before I die from running 13 consecutive miles.

3 comment(s):

Anonymous said...

I was wondering when you were officially going to announce your madness. Now that you have, should we commit you?


Cupcake said...

yes. yes you should.

Anonymous said...

It may feel like a near death experience.........we are cheering for both of you to survive it.......hehehe

I really like the new script and look of your blog page. It is cuter and more cheery to read

love you