Wednesday, January 12, 2011

the last of 'em

Then we came back home and life was like it had been before we left... until October when we got a puppy for our anniversary present.

ah! what a cutie! I can't stand it!

Then in November we went out and about again for the hubs' work. Can you guess where?

And December too... While we were there we went to museums and monuments (until our noses were too cold or we had just plain had enough of it) and explored the area around our apartment. At one of the museums they had a crochet coral reef. It was Incredible. My favorite.

A little Christmas tree was our only homeyness. How I loved that little tree. You would be surprised at just how much joy a little tree like that can bring.

and a palm tree for some extra twinkle.

Then of course it was Christmas and it was, Christmas and perfect.

We saw the hubs' family for Christmas and were looking through all of the Christmas cards they had received. One of his aunts was very sad and disappointed that we hadn't sent a Christmas card out, especially considering as how we had a puppy. So after the festivities passed I made a Christmas card special for his auntie. The above picture was the one we picked for our card.

And now that year has passed a new one has started, already I tons busier than I have been in forever and it is taking getting used to... but I'll save that for another day :)

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