Friday, September 3, 2010


There are few things I own that I absolutely love. I might even go so far as to say they are a favorite. Actually, yes. I will go that far. I do have a few favorite things. There are a few shirts I have that I love so much, they are pretty and fit just right. They are seasonal shirts of course. One is sleeveless with a kind of daisy embroidery/stitching pattern at the top. It's red and I love it. I found it at the store and didn't wear it for a whole two months. I was afraid I would ruin it the first time I wore it. Or, that in all of my riding adventures this summer that it would quickly discolor and not be suitable any more. It was my favorite and so I kept it folded neatly in the drawer. with the tags still attached. There are a few other shirts I have and wear sparingly because I am afraid some kid will wipe their snot on it or they will fall and bleed and then cry and then not only will lovely snot get on it, but blood and tears and sand or dirt as well. And, well, I just can't have that. So even though these shirts are very work appropriate, I don't wear them to work (oh wait, I don't have a job, so really, I can't wear them to work even if I desperately wanted to. shame).

Some skirts I have fit in this same category. I love them so much, I don't want anything to happen to them, rip or stain, nothing. So I let them hang in the closet and they mock me. I did wear one of my favorite skirts one day. It's mostly white, with little pink and orange polka-dots on it. I simply love it. I always have and I'm sure I always will. It's my favorite. Well, I wore it one day and as I was helping in the kitchen... it was a disaster. I took the lasagna out of the stove and it spilled. All over me. Not only was it bright red tomato sauce that got on my pretty skirt, it was also extremely hot, red tomato sauce. Not an entirely pleasant experience. Not only was my skirt ruined but my legs had fresh 3rd degree buns on them and I am still recovering from the lasagna spill. If I am ever at your house and you ask me to take the lasagna out of the oven, I will say, "no." and not be sorry about it. Which is rare because I apologize for everything! I say sorry for things that are out of my control (like traffic and power outages). The hubs always looks at me when I say sorry (for something I didn't do) and says, "Why?!" then sometimes he tricks me and says, "You should be!" even though it is obviously not my fault. Then I just say "sorry!" again. The hubs then looks at me. All I can say is, "I'm sorry for being sorry!" sheesh... He is encouraging me to be less apologetic (unless of course it is my fault...) but yes. I will say no and not be sorry.

These are just a few examples of my favorites. I also have favorite hair ties. You might think it sounds silly, but it's true. I have favorites. I always lose my hair ties, it's inevitable. I try to keep them all together, or put them back in the same little basket I got them from that morning, but it doesn't always happen that way. No. they will be absently placed in pockets, drawers, bags, car cup holders, other baskets round the house, and even, yes, my hair. It's really pathetic when I spend the entire morning looking for the one hair tie in particular and not be able to find it to only discover at the end of the day that it was holding my pony tail the whole day long. My favorite pony tail holders are multicolored and are all swirly and pretty and stuff. They just make me happy. While I still have nearly a whole pack pony tail holders that are exactly the same as the one I spend my morning searching for, I refuse to get a new one for fear of losing it.

I also do this with socks. The ones I love the most I try not to wear the most because I love them so and I don't want them to be covered with holes and have my toes popping out all over the place. So they stay nice and neat in the drawer and are only pulled out for special occasions. Like when I can match a shirt with them to a T or some other suchness.

Shoes. I have some favorite shoes. This seems to be the only thing that I don't feel bad wearing. And I wear them all the time with every outfit even if it doesn't really go. I will get all ready and feel quite lovely in my little outfit with favorite shoes on and then the hubs will see me. He normally says, "O, that looks nice" and I say, "Thanks! Don't you Love the shoes?!" Because they are quite obviously the best part about the whole ensemble. Then he says ever so sweetly, "Are you quite sure they go with that skirt (or top)?" At which point I look lovingly at my shoes and say, "Yes. quite." But I know they really probably don't go and I was just overly excited about wearing my favorite shoes. So I turn around and find a more appropriate matching pair. But really, I wear the shoes so often that they are worn out by the end of that season so that come the next Fall or Spring or Winter ... or whenever, I have completely worn out shoes and desperately need another pair. But I don't like to go get a new pair because I am still so taken with my favorites.

Anyway. It's a problem I think. Because, what's the fun in having loads of favorites if you're never going to wear or use them? Some people I know always wear their fanciest and prettiest clothes. It doesn't matter if it's a lazy Saturday, they are dressed up. I don't quite understand this either though. I would feel like they would want to wear their nice and fancy clothes for special occasions or something (church, wedding, picture day, hott date). But nope. They don't. ...but now that I think about it, the clothes they wear on lazy days are probably not their prettiest and best clothes. They have clothes even fancier and dressier than those that they wear for the special occasions. Actually, it's true. They are just always dressed up. how do they do that?! I couldn't. No way. I could live in jeans and a t-shirt. O, wait. I do.

I used to not have this problem quite so severely. I think that is because I only owned five shirts for each season and three pairs of shoes. total. Seriously though. It's true. Thus, they were all my favorites and I wore them all the time. Over and over. It also made them wear out a lot faster too. Which is a shame, because I really did enjoy them. Which also gave me the perfect excuse to purchase five new shirts and one new pair of jeans (cause if you wear those suckers day after day after day... they really get worn out right quick) come the next Fall, Winter, or Spring. ...which makes me think I should revert to my old ways once again. Five shirts worked quite well. As did one pair of jeans. That's almost one for every day of the week! humm. maybe I'll go purge my closet now. yes. yes. I think I will.

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