Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I'm ill. horribly horribly ill. It's really quite wretched actually. My nose is stuffed up. My head is stuffed up. My throat is itchy. My ears hurt. My cheeks are in pain. My eyes are itchy and watery. I wasn't sick last week. And then I went there to the building full of germs, the place where my allergies come alive. School. Stupid school. contagious kids. evil kicker-upper of allergies. Cause that's what they do. That's what happens. They make me sick. It never fails. Never. Ever. All I have to do is be near a child and I get sick. All I have to do is walk into a room full of children and I'm a goner, I get a stuffy head and am pretty much useless. It's tragic really. I have diagnosed myself as being allergic to kids.

I babysat this little baby boy once (well, actually he was not so little, he was really pretty chubby) for a day. one day. He had Hand Foot and Mouth Disease (yuck), a disease that grown ups don't get. Well, guess who got Hand Foot and Mouth Disease? That's right! You guessed it! Me! I got Hand Foot and Mouth Disease. dumb baby. Why?! Why did I get it when grown ups don't get it?! huh? tell me that? What makes me so special that I would get this vile illness? huh? Well, thanks to this chubby little baby I spent a week and a half with a mouth full of tiny little bumps. It was like I had eaten poison ivy my mouth was so bumpy. I could hardly brush my teeth it was so painful. There was no way I was about to floss. Mouthwash? Forget about it. It's bad enough when you have an uninfected mouth. Eating was impossible... I just couldn't eat. anything. At all. For two whole weeks. I'm not even kidding. That's a long time to go without food.

Obviously I have chosen the wrong profession. How can I possibly be around kids every day when I am deathly allergic to them? o brother. It is so true though. I'm telling you, ever since I started subbing last week it's been horrid. I can hardly breathe. I hate to tell the secretaries that I can't come in and sub because I'm allergic to the kids though. So I suck it up and go in anyway. Only worsening my allergies. I don't know what is the better thing to do.

The hubs says, "It might not be the kids you're allergic to. It could be a new season, I know my allergies are really bad right now too."

"I'm pretty sure it's the kids, it's like this no matter the season," I say certainly. That's why I haven't been able to even check my email for the past few days: the kids have made me ill. I've been trying to get a doctor to confirm my diagnoses. They won't. Thankfully, at least I know the truth. I guess I better start taking allergy medicine. dumb kids. dumb allergies. bah.

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