Friday, August 20, 2010

remembered I forgot

I just Love it when I remember things that I forgot. It's really my favorite. Maybe even one of my most favorite things ever... with the exception of frozen yogurt that is. But seriously, it truly is one of the most wonderful things ever in the whole wide world.

This is why I am just sooooo excited right now. So, remember how I was talking about how I am so capricious and how my life is like my grocery shopping? Well, if you don't you can read about it, I wrote it somewhere on here... a few weeks ago, or maybe a month ago. I can't remember. But it's here. Regardless... that is how my life works (with the exception of the three most important things ever to happen in my life: the hubs, "the" dress -you know, the white one-, and the house. I just knew when it came to those three things. It's true). Not that remembering things I've forgotten always has to do with me being capricious or anything. But sometimes it correlates.

So I'm in school, you know. I've talked about homework and how that's all I ever do and how completely and utterly dreadful it is (which is the truth) and how I said I would never go back to school in my whole long life (and now that's what I am going to spend the rest of my life doing). yay.

Note: Never say "never". Seriously though. Three things I have said never to:
1. I said I would Never live in this country hilly state I currently live in.
2. I said I would Never go back to school.
3. I said I would Never get rich. ...well, I'm not rich -yet. But do you see my ploy? I said that so it will Never happen, but if it works out like the rest of my Nevers... o yes. I will be loaded and will do all sorts of great things. It's true. I'll let you know in a couple of centuries how that last Never turns out. But really, all the things I have said Never to... they've happened. Therefore, I've learned to stop saying "Never."

So anyways... this is what I remembered I forgot. I was registering for classes this morning. My very last three classes Ever (that's not Never ; ) and I was typing in the codes, seeing what to take when... who taught what (not that I know any of the profs... but still, I look, it's a habit), and what days the classes I needed were on. Well. I entered in the first class info and I checked both terms to make sure I can take it. I entered the second class and I do the same. I entered the third class and I do the same. Fairly monotonous it may seem, but it's fun! It's like a puzzle I have to work! A small puzzle, thankfully, because I'm not very good at the 1,000 piece puzzles they have... even when I have to cheat and look at the picture. ...So, I write down the days and terms the classes are offered and as I'm looking at the last class I need to take I realize something. Not right away, but you know, I realize something. As I'm sitting staring at the only available time the class is offered (just one option for me to click on) my eyes wander over to the prof. who teaches the class. Dr. Card. I roll my eyes and think, "Oh brother, not her again. I just had her for a class just like this class last month!" Not that she's a bad teacher, on the contrary, she's really quite nice. However, this class also had the same course description of the other one I took with her. Huh. That's strange. I dig out the paper with all of the classes I've taken and scrutinize it carefully. "Ah Hah! I've Already taken this class!!!" Then I proceed to jump up and down and turn all around and fall on the ground. "Ha Ha Ha!!! I Don't have to take it!!! Ahh!!!" So wonderfully exciting!

You see, I had forgotten I had taken that class! Isn't is just wonderful when you remember things you forgot?! O, it is. It is.

Then... I found out the second juicy tidbit of information. Although, this bit wasn't something I remembered that I had forgotten. It was an altogether new surprise. As I was registering for my Two classes, I found one that was taught by Han So Lo, ok alright, I'm sure that would be pretty interesting to say the least. Or I could take it the next term with Mr. M. I opted for Mr. M, as I actually recognized his name, and had had him before for a class, and as he is pretty much one of the best profs. I've had since being back in school. So naturally I was excited he was teaching another class and signed up to take the one with him (after checking to make sure it wasn't the same one I had already taken with him that is. Which in some ways might have been even better to realize I had already taken that class because that would mean I would only have one more class to take, and one is much better than two) no offense to Han So Lo.

And now I am excited because I know that I am soooo close to being finished. I only have two more classes as opposed to the three I was dreading taking earlier this morning. Isn't it wonderful to remember what you forgot? ...unless of course it's a bad remembrance like when I forgot to...

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