Wednesday, August 11, 2010

or like....

The hubs sent me away yesterday. Not because he wanted to but because we are cheap and that is when we could get the very cheapest ticket. O my. So he is there and I am here. And we will see each other again one day. One day.

Until then, I carry on filling my days with homework (joy) and the usual, except not everything I usually do, or have been doing, like this. Which is sad. Because it makes me happy and calms me down, which is good, especially when I am here and he is there. So, I am calm once again.

Or like riding my wonderful trusty little bicycle around town (which by the way lasted quite well all of the two months I was there, thank you very much Negative Bike Shop Man. ....stop trying to take all my money! for Pete's sake!

Or like meeting the hubs every day for lunch and watching people in the little square and listening to Screaming Man (who's real name is actually Hezekiah!) and using my nose to tell me when Mr. Speedy is near (and his real name is Peter!).

Or like enjoying treats of frozen yogurt. sad. The hubs sent me a picture text the other day of his yummy filled bowl. wasn't that so sweet and thoughtful of him.

Or like swimming. We swam a bunch, and it was nice.

Or like just enjoying chatting with (or maybe I should say to) the hubs when he got home from work.

Ya. those are just some of the usual things I am no longer doing. And it is sad and unfortunate. Because I very much enjoyed all of the above mentioned.

Though, I suppose it wasn't going to last. And now I'm home and I have to be home now. will be good. I just wish the hubs would hurry up and get home. One day I will see him again. One day. yes. but until then...

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