Friday, August 6, 2010

not once

Looking at the drawers full of clothes I am getting ready to pack up any day now, I can't help but think how I wish I would have known then what I know now. Packing for two months is a task, as you well know by now. I did my best. I mean, moods change, weather changes, occasions change. You just can't tell what you will feel like wearing on June 17th or July 23rd. You just can't. You also can't know what the temperature will be like at the pier in San Fransisco or what it will be when you are adventuring in Yosemite. You just can't know these things. So you have to pack. Pack for all occasions, all possible outings, all weather, all dispositions.

So I did.

When I was busy scrambling and throwing (okay maybe not throwing, you might have figured by now that I can't really throw anything into a suitcase -unless of course it is dirty laundry, in which case I have no choice- I have to roll and stuff and smoosh and make it so tight not even a tiny tin of sardines would fit) my entire summer wardrobe into my suitcase earlier this summer I wish I would have told myself the following:

1. Your awesome camo skirt is nice and all, Cupcake, but does not allow room for bicycle riding. No. It does not. Not even a little bit. And you will be riding a bicycle every day. ...If it were an ankle length one, it could probably be pulled off, but not a knee length one, or even calf length (not that I have one of those) one. Nope. No. (Needless to say, I was only able to wear that skirt on days I did not ride my bike. Which was once. Once. Only one day I did not ride a bike. glad I brought that skirt.)

2. Same applies for jean skirt of same cut and length. (Worn: not once.)

c. You won't wear your favorite pretty white and pink and orange polka dot flowy skirt. You will be riding a bicycle everyday. That skirt is entirely too flowy and white, you will probably get it stuck in the bike chain, it will rip and ruin and you will no longer be able to wear your happy little skirt. Or the wind will flap it up in your face, you will be blinded and crash into the tree up ahead. Don't bring it. Or that will all happen at once: a bit of the fabric will get caught in the chain, tear, turn black, and another part of the skirt will fly up into your face blinding you and making you crash. As a result, not only would your favorite happy skirt be ruined, you would also have two broken legs, a broken arm, and a concussion. Not good. (Thankfully I was smart enough to envision the later of these scenarios happening - after we got here - and was smart enough to not wear the happy skirt, all summer long.)

3. You are probably going to wear the same eight t-shirts the whole summer. Don't bring lots of extras because you will not wear them. You especially won't wear the fancy ones. Even if you think you might wear them on a trip or a hott date, you won't. You will stick to the same five you wear every day. Make some space and leave the others at home. (but of course I have to bring extras, you never know what might go down).

4. You don't need to bring ten sweaters, it is summer after all. - In my defense, it was only a cardigan, a hoodie, and a wind jacket - You won't wear the wind breaker. (... how many times have I worn that wind jacket? Zero!)

f. You don't wear shorts. Don't take them. You know how it will go, you will take a dozen pairs, and wear one of them. And that's it. Don't take 23 pairs or shorts with you. You will not wear them. (It's true. I have only worn one pair of my beloved shorts. And they aren't even ones I brought with me. They are ones the hubs got for me after we got here. They are navy and wonderful and they go with every single one of my 40 shirts. That's all I need. So that's all I wear.)

8. You only need to pack ten shirts, your two comfy shirts and that's all. Know why? Cause that is all you will wear. It's true. You should really listen to me about this. Cause if you don't you will want to leave all of your clothes there and not bring any back with you. You will pull out one of your very favorite shirts, look at it and think, "huh. I haven't worn that all summer, I'll just leave it here." And you will!! Even though you will wear that shirt at home. O gracious.

You see, I have a problem. I don't know if I've told you about this one (I seem to have lots of these: problems that is), when I leave a place, I want to leave everything I have acquired while there. Shoes, socks, sheets, blankets, baskets, a magnet, clothes... everything. I try to leave it. Thankfully I have had friends in the past who have thrown some of the things they know I love and will need in the future back in the suitcase (or duffel, or box, or tub). For this I am thankful. Though if I catch them sneaking the item back into the bag I'm packing up I will yank it out and glare it and then them. I will then say, "I don't need this! It's only my most favorite cup (or shoes or book)," and I will promptly toss it into the "donate" mountain on my bed. It's true. After graduation, I left more at school than I took with me. I just don't like to lug it around. Plus, other people might need it more than me and I can replace it if I really want or need to.

I'm afraid this is starting to happen again. I am afraid I will come back with an empty suitcase. ...though, in reality, that probably won't happen cause the hubs will put it back into the suitcase and I will have to lug it all home. o. my.

Aren't you so glad to know the five things I have worn (or not worn) all summer? I'm sure you are and your life is now complete. yes.

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