Wednesday, March 13, 2013

spring find

Don't you just love those days when  you go out shopping for something specific in mind: a pair of jeans, a swimsuit, a coat, a pretty new dress... and you find it?! I sure do. I feel like those shopping trips are somewhat rare though. I cannot even begin to count the number of times I have go shopping in hopes of finding the perfect dress [or swimsuit or you name it] and not found it. I have money, I have time, I have energy, but there is no dress to be found. I feel like this happens to me all the time. Is it just me or does this ever happen to you to?

Anyhow. Today must have been made special just for me. Emerson's Grammy and Poppy were here visiting us and asked me if I wanted to go shopping [his Grammy asked, not Poppy] for a Spring dress/outfit. Yes, please! So off we went, an adventure with to the mall. While I walked around and perused through a few stores they walked with Emerson around the mall. The first store I went in I had no luck so I walked to a second store and as soon as I stepped in the store I saw dresses galore. Pretty dresses too. Dresses I would actually wear. I was so excited! This never happens to me. I picked a few dresses to try on and loved the first one I wore. I can't even remember the last time that happened. Actually, I can. It was five years ago when I was shopping for my wedding dress, the first one I tried on was the dress. Anyhow. I was sooo excited to find such a pretty dress. I can't wait to wear it.

please excuse the fuzzy picture, it's the best I could get 
... at least it gives you an idea of what it looks like :)

What a happy day. I was so excited to actually find what I was looking for [even though I didn't know exactly what it was I was looking for :] Don't you just love it when that happens?!

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