Thursday, August 2, 2012

sister visit :)

as I mentioned last week my sister was coming to visit me with her three little ones. I really don't know how the time passed so quickly while she was here (though, I don't think it was only when she was here, time is passing super fast these days). we did a few things while she was visiting... 

like visit the zoo. 
I especially liked the tiger. he looked so sweet and peaceful. 

yup. I got to enjoy the day with five of my adorable nieces and nephews
and their two pretty mamas. 

I like giraffes. 

we went to the Louisville Slugger Museum. 

and then there was the color run. 
flattering picture, I know. 

it was pretty neat. maybe even a little bit fun. 
getting splashed with color. 
I especially enjoyed the part after we were done running. 
also, I decided I don't like running. 
I like the results of it. 
but not running. no sire. 
but it was a fun little run to do with my professional runner sister :) 

oh, we also went to Mammoth Cave. but I didn't take any pictures of that because I didn't want to carry my camera around in the dark cave and and break my leg for not being able to use both hands for balance. 

and we went to the creek with puppy. the kids especially enjoyed that. but I don't have any pictures of that because I didn't want my camera to get wet and break, as I'm sure it would have. 

so, that was my week. it was sad to see them go. and the house was so quiet. but I'm glad they came to visit. I love my sisters and seeing them and their sweet little ones. 

anyhow. that's all for now. 

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