Saturday, August 25, 2012

the weekends

I love Saturdays so much that I never get much done. I try to. My goal every Saturday is to get everything on my list checked off. That way I have Sunday to chill and relax before the craziness of the weeks starts back up. But somehow that doesn't happen. Saturdays are spent being a little lazy and Sundays are the days I spend trying to play catch up and prepare for the week ahead. It's not fun. I try with every fiber in my being to get out of bed and get busy with the day's tasks, but it doesn't happen. Then later on I try with all that I have to get off the couch and be productive (or at the very least fold the laundry), but it doesn't happen.

It's a problem. It needs to change. How do you change it I ask you? How do you change it? I feel like one of the reasons I just want to do nothing on Saturday is because all week long I have been so busy and going non-stop and I just need to breathe. But Sunday is Sunday. The day before I have to be busy so I don't want a lot to do on that day. sheesh. If only I could have my week planned out before the weekend. That would be ideal. Then all I would have to worry about is laundry and grocery shopping.

Maybe one day I'll figure out how to manage these precious weekend days of mine a little better :) I hope you are enjoying yours!!

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Anonymous said...

Just wondered if you did something to the colors in the background on the blog site. It seems so faint and makes it harder to read