Friday, March 16, 2012

Three down

That's right. Three quarters are finished and far far (or not so far) behind me. Key words: finished, behind me. Now all I have to do is survive yet another quarter. Seven weeks of school to be exact. 35 days at school with the children to be more precise.

Thank the Lord.

I do not think I could go one more day. As it is right now, I'm not sure how I make it through the day. So thinking about 35 days is pretty overwhelming. But. Day by day I will get there. The best way I have figured to get through the days are: pray. a lot. and count down. by periods.

I'm just thankful there are three quarters behind be. Forget what I had to go through to get to this point. I'm just glad the year is almost over. whew. Then, maybe, just maybe I will be able to finish "The Hunger Games" and oh yeah, breathe.

This weekend we've got lots of basketball watching [Go CATS! :] laundry folding, grocery shopping, and other choring to do. But that's ok. It makes me happy to be able to do those things. In fact, I often wish that was my job.

But yep. That's about all my brain can get out right now. I know it's Friday, and I should be wide awake, but, it's quite the opposite. I am nearly falling out of my chair, I'm so sleepy right now.

Have a happy weekend!

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Amanda said...

I know how you're feeling!! You've made it so far :) You got the last quarter!!