Monday, March 5, 2012

snow day!

Today has been the best day ever, and it's only 10:00. Want to know why? ... It's a snow day! Hooray! The very first snow day of the school year.

Last night on our way home from small group it started snowing. I love the snow. But we have been teased a lot this winter and haven't had a single snow day. So I prayed. A lot. That, if it were to snow (as it was snowing) that the ground needed to be covered and school needed to be closed. Not delayed. Closed. Delays because of snow are just awful and torture. The kids are crazy and I'm cranky because I miss my planning period. Not a good combination. We have had one two hour delay. Not worth it. But a snow day... a snow day is most welcome.

This morning I thought my alarm had gone off a little too early, that or the night had gone a lot faster than I would have liked. I looked at my phone and it was a phone call, not my alarm. It was the best phone call ever, "Due to the weather, school for today has been cancelled."

Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus!! He really does answer prayer. It might seem a silly prayer to you, but a snow day is no silly prayer.

After dancing a jig and peeking out the window to see a white blanket on the ground and trees trimmed in white lace I hopped back under the covers. Perfect start to the perfect day.

I got up with the hubs a few hours later and we had breakfast. Then he went off to work and I stayed home to play with the pup. We had taken the pup outside for his daily morning potty and he was hopping through the snow like a little bunny rabbit hops through a grassy field. Adorable. So after the hubs went off to work the pup and I went on a walk in winter wonderland.

I love walks on snowy days. Everything is at peace. The snow is bright, soft, and fluffy. It is calm. I love snowy days.

front yard snow play.

I love it when the snow hugs the trees

the pup pouncing 

I think he's adorable :]

What's crazy is that on Friday it was about 72 degrees and there were tornados all around the Southern Indiana and Louisville, KY area. And now there is snow on the ground! crazy. 

Have a happy Monday! I know I am!  

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Valerie Griffin said...

pretty snow!

Amanda said...

so glad you got to enjoy a snow day :)