Thursday, March 22, 2012

today is a day...

...but, today is not just any day. Today is the Hubs' birthday :)

How happy. I love birthdays. They excite me so.

We enjoyed a yummy dinner and then some delicious orange-cream-sicle pie. I'll share pictures and a recipe this weekend :) you will love it. promise.

Other than that we didn't do much for his birthday. Except for entertain Joe the Plumber. It's true. The lights in our bathroom broke the other day. When the Hubs turned the switch from on to off, it didn't turn off. The light stayed on. And on. And would not go off. We have been unscrewing the light bulbs for the past few days. That's why we called Joe. Joe is quite the handy man. Neither of us are very handy. We needed some real help. He is the one who fixed our washing machine hook up and the one that stopped the flooding we came home to last Christmas. Basically, he's a hero. So we called him up and he came over to fix the light for us. While he was here he even fixed the constantly running toilet water. I know. Great story. But it makes my heart happy :)

So. Pretty much, that was the happy birthday day. Birthdays seem to get better and better every year, if you ask me.

anyhoot. I just wanted to say hey hi and share about the awesomeness that is my life :D

I hope you all have peachy Fridays!


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