Tuesday, January 31, 2012

the last few pages...

I love notebooks. I really have to make an effort to not buy every single cute and wonderful notebook I see.  I just love them so. The best part is always writing on the first page in fresh, new, clean notebook. And the last page a little bit too. Except, that's where I run into my little problem.

You see, I have found that it is the most difficult thing to finish a notebook. Even though you know you only have two pages left to write on and fill up, every time I open the notebook those to pages seem to have multiplied ... into a lot of pages. All I want to do is use them up, but for some reason, I just have the hardest time using them up.

It wasn't too bad before our wedding. I mean, those pages went pretty quickly. I did, after all, have to practice writing my soon to be new name : ) Oh, happy.

But all of the other ones. Not so much. I have a notebook right now and there are two pages left in it, except, every time I open it up it seems like more than that. That's okay though. I'm pretty sure I can find a good use for them : )

That's about it. I hope you all have a happy Wednesday!

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