Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I'd like to share some wonderfully exciting news with you... and I'd like you all to be the first to know...

Something wonderfully exciting has happened in my life. It's a pretty big deal. Just sayin... I finally got to organize my binders!!! I know! Exciting stuff, right?! I mean really though, how much more awesome could it get?


You see, I like to be organized. and tidy. and neat. and clean. I like order. I cannot function when there is a complete mess around me. No, I cannot. Well, I suppose I can. But, it's just not a pretty sight. Things I am much more pleasant when my surroundings are tidy and in their proper little home.

At school I have a few binders and folders. These are for different things. I purchased several binders at the beginning of the school year because I knew I needed some and I figured I would eventually need more. I was right. At the beginning of the school year I put my papers: lesson plan sheets, standards, deconstructed standards, lesson attachments, and a lot of other teacher like things in one binder. I labeled it my 'Lesson Plan' binder. I was going to keep everything tidy and organized in there. With the help of some tabs and dividers it looked very organized. But, as the semester went on (and as the first semester is now long gone... by two week :p) my binder filled up and got very very fat. It's a good thing I like a chubby binder. However, it was also not so good. I mean, I still have a whole semester to go.


So today I went through and pulled all the attachments and stuff I have for unit plans and ideas out and put them in their own separate binder. Because of my foresight at the beginning of the year, I was able to just pick up a very nearly empty binder, move a few papers around, and wha-la! Unit Plan Binder. ... more or less. But still. This makes me giddy beyond words. Now there is a place where all of the little unit ideas and papers and handouts and homeworks go. I know exactly where to find them (not that I didn't before, now they just look a lot prettier :). They are all there. And yes, I have some work to do to make the units perfect and exactly as I want them to be, but I am happy to have a skinny little starting place that is a lot fatter than what I started with in August. Meaning nothing.

Anyhow. I just had to share my exciting news with you guys. o golly geepers. I love organizing!  : ) it really does make my heart happy.

... speaking of organizing and my binders, I need to go get some paper to make dividers for my fancy shamancy unit binder!


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