Tuesday, November 30, 2010

O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree

O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree...

How I love you. You make me so happy. Your twinkling little lights dancing across the room. Warm happy cozy loveliness.

We have a Christmas tree. It's small-big one, ...it's one of those 6 foot skinny trees that you have to fluff and fluff until there is nothing left to fluff. I fill it with shinny little red and silver ornaments that dangle and twinkle when the lights are plugged in. A few Christmas decorations decorate the rest of the house and it sings of cheer and delight.

This year, we don't get to enjoy the happiness of that wonderful Christmas tree. No. We don't. We weren't going to have Christmas here. Even though I love it so and it makes me terribly happy. We were just going to enjoy it when we went to the hubs' house for Christmas. Except, we don't have to do that any more.... we have ourselves a little tree. A 24 inch tree (it sounds bigger to say 24 inches than 2 feet : ) The hubs' mumsy got it for us when we saw her at Thanksgiving. It has little white snowflakes on it and it is fiber optic so it lights up the whole room, it changes from white to red to green to purple and it is simply wonderful. It makes me so happy I just sit on the couch right next to it and daze into the sparkly lights. I could stay and stare at it for hours and hours, it really makes me so wonderfully happy. There is just something about the pretty lights and snowflakes. And the angels that hang from it sweetly.

In my quest for making it Christmas here I went and got some stuffs that I wouldn't usually get. Christmas paper napkins, Christmas paper towels, and even ... Christmas plastic cups. They all have super cute Christmas trees and little penguins and snowflakes. I love them all. They all just jumped into my shopping cart the other night, and I get to enjoy their cheer : ) How happy.

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