Monday, November 15, 2010

Big Quilt

I was flying the other day, cause you know it's what I like to do ... for fun. Not really. In fact I really don't care for flying. It's boring and I'm always terrified I am going to plum-it to my death when I am on one. Which is why I make myself sleep whether or not I am sleepy when I fly some where. So anyhow, like I said, I was flying. For some reason on this particular trip I was looking out the window and thinking. Which I normally do when I fly. Both of them, look out the window and think that is. Although sometimes I just read, which doesn't really make me think very much, but I am using my brain a little bit so that's got to count for something.

When I fly my favorite seat is one next to a window for lots of different reasons.
1. You don't have to lean over five other people just to get a tiny glimpse of what you are flying over.
2. You have the perfect spot to rest your head with out worrying about waking up with your check smashed against the stranger man in the seat next to you and a little bit of drool sneaking from your lips.
3. It's a window seat.
4. People aren't climbing over you to get out to use the restroom (if you really want to call it that on an airplane...) and then climbing back over you to get back to their seat.
5. If you just can't hold it any longer you will be the one climbing over the other people (much better arrangement I think).
6. You can glue your face to the little window and watch the world pass by underneath you.
7. It's a better view of take of and landing.
8. It's a window seat. Obviously the best kind there is.

Thankfully when I was flying the other day I was able to sit next to the window - for all of my flights. It really does make time pass so much quicker, and it makes it not quite so boring. Well, I suppose there are other things that can make time pass quickly when you're flying: listening to music, watch a movie, read a book, play cards, play solitaire (also known as cards but hey...), color, crochet, sleep, pray your plane doesn't crash, eat, drink, and be merry ... ha. I couldn't resist that last bit : ) Anyhow, as I was saying, looking out the window is some of my favorite entertainment when I'm sitting by the window. That while listening to some sweet tunes.

Nearly every time I fly I do all of the above mentioned ways of entertaining myself. And there is always a significant amount of staring out the window. This past trip a new thought came to me. At least, one that I don't remember ever having before. It's possible I've had it before and just forgotten about it, but I can't really say that for certain and I didn't find it written down any where, so who knows... But I just got to thinking about how crazy creative God is. I mean really. The land changes so much and so vastly as you fly over it (especially certain parts, like from the green south to the brown north, blue blue ocean and blindingly bright white snow even further north. It's really pretty amazing. But that's just the big picture. I saw all of the farms and the trees that created a natural border between two different fields. Streams and rivers flowing straight through and then curving and swiveling every which way resembling a long blue like snake. The mountains that pop up towards you and the valleys that sink far below.

And this is what I thought. What a quilt that would be. I mean, I know that probably sounds really crafty and all and maybe a little bit nerdy. But I can't help it, I'm a crafty (somewhat at least) person. I thought about how quilts are so intricate and already require so much attention to detail and are sewn with great care. Then I wondered if it would be possible to make a quilt of the earth, or at least a portion of it, like what you see from a plane. Different shades of fabric could be stitched together to show how the land changes. The rivers and the streams could be blue silk ribbon and dance across the quilt. Little towns and houses would be tiny buttons that are significantly smaller than the trees and the fleece that would be gathered and tucked would be make mountains stand out next to the smooth farm land.

It would be a beautiful quilt. And maybe there is one already like it. Who knows, but o it would be something to look at on your bed each and every night. To sleep beneath the strength of the world. What would be an awesome pair it would be to paint clouds on your ceiling (though I'm afraid I might be a bit too old to paint fluffy clouds above my bed). Then it would be a great reminder that you are just one little person but that you are still so important and that there is a reason for your being and living. Because, if all of the mountains, peeks, valleys, flat lands, waters, trees, clouds, and land that is so big and important looking are here, and you are here too, well then, it is because you are here with thought and purpose. There is a Creator who is so amazingly creative that I can't even begin to draw a picture that would capture of the beauty I saw looking out that window (granted I'm a Terrible artist, but still...). Words can't even paint the picture I saw. Oh, I can (and did) try, but it will never be justified. No. My flowing silk rivers and seas, my fluffy white cotton peeks, my red orange and brown yarn trees will never be as beautiful as the ones I saw.

The world is an incredible quilt, sewn and crafted with such detail that it goes beyond what can be seen from thousands of miles up, to what can't be seen under the dirt that gives life to all of the trees, flowers, fruits, and vegetables. What a great gift it is to be able to enjoy living in a real live touchable breathing quilt. I love it.

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Anonymous said...

sounds like a beautiful quilt. when do you plan on starting to make yours.