Thursday, April 12, 2012

number 4

4. Ok. Here it is. Number 4. The long and anticipated #4.
... the most exciting part of this weekend (which encompasses Saturday to today) is this: 
we have a new neighbor. 

Mr. Fox

our new neighbor

has been out and about a lot since moving in behind us. 

But, wait. What is this (or that)?! A Mr. Fox or ... 

a Mama Fox?

It is! It is a Mama Fox! 
At first, I speculated about there being kits back there, but I didn't see any, so I figured there probably weren't any. 
But then, after stalking Foxy for an hour and taking about 10,000,000 pictures I noticed a little something when I uploaded the pictures... 

see the little babies?! 
I did! and, omg. I got sooo excited!!! I am sooo excited!! 
A Foxy and her babies! In my back yard! 
Well, technically they live in our abandoned neighbors' yard. The grass is really long and there is a lot of brush and trees back there. Plus, apparently she has a pretty cozy basement (according to all of the groundhogs and the lots of other critters that have made their home there in the past).  
Foxy, is hands down, the best neighbor of them all though.

Look at the little kits!

Can you tell I'm a little excited? 

and also a little stalkerish? I'm gonna see if I can get a little closer and get some better pictures... 

Isn't this sooo exciting?! bah! I love it!!! :D 
Best Spring Break Ever!! 

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Anonymous said...

Waaaaaay Cooooool. I'm jealous. I thought it was neat to see that fat groundhog a couple years ago when we visited. Seeing Foxy would be much better - especially with the kits.