Tuesday, April 10, 2012

four good things

This has just been the best week ever! Well, not week, but  the last three and a half days have been the best days ever. It is true. A few days last weekend were pretty wonderful too. I will go into more detail for you.

1. I am on Spring Break! It is glorious! I love being on break! So far my break has been very chill and productive... with house stuff. Not school stuff. I have an extremely difficult time working on school stuff when I'm on a break from school. Even though I know it would be best for me to work on some school things while on break because I have a lot more time right now than when school is in. When we're in school I have to plan, teach, manage, call, meet, grade, do intern stuff.... blah, blah, blah. Not so fun. Why is it so difficult to work on some of this stuff over break? I know I ought to... but I really don't want to. I just want to keep chilling and being productive around the house. 

2. Speaking of the house, the Hubs and I have both been quite productive. On Saturday he worked in the yard and garden all day (it looks really lovely, I can't wait to eat some of the pickings!). I was inside moving our bedroom downstairs. This is something I have thought about doing ever since we moved into the house. But I liked the blue paint in the upstairs room, so that's where we lived. Until now. Now, we live downstairs. It's quite nice. You may ask why we I moved our room downstairs. It is because in the summer, it gets pretty hot here. We are in the South after all. Even with the air on, some nights are just plain awful. And since we're cheap, we don't want to have the air on too high. That's the main reason (or at least that's what convinced the hubs :). The real other reason is because of the bigger closet. It's true. The room downstairs just has more closet space. That is the only sad thing about our house, the lack of closet space. I am quite pleased with our move. It actually feels like we are on holiday, living in a different room. 

3. I read all day long yesterday. I love reading. Thus, I loved yesterday. I finally started really reading "The Hunger Games." I knew I couldn't start before I actually had time to read because when I start reading a book, that is all I do. Literally. I sit on the couch, bed, floor, any where I can, and read until the book is finished. It doesn't mater what book. I just have to finish it. Does any one else do that? Anyhow, I loved the book. I felt sad when it ended. So today I went and got the next two. ...If I start reading those next two books, I'm pretty sure school stuff will not get done... huh.

4. ... well, that's the best one. But I've decided to save it for another post. Can't share all of my exciting news in one post now can I? :D But it's really awesome! You will be jumping up and down in excitement! I know I am!!! Yay!!! Ooooo.... just wait for number 4!! 

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kelseylynae said...

I don't EVER do school stuff on break :) Don't feel guilty.

Can't wait for number four? !?!

And YES the Hunger Games.