Saturday, September 24, 2011


Friday afternoon I had a little conversation with one of my students.

Boy  student looks at me and asks, "Are you married?"

"Yes, I am." He is trying to get me off subject, maybe. And it's working.

"How long have you been married? Did you just get married this summer?"


"Last summer?"


"The one before that?"

"I got married in the fall almost three years ago, yes."


And I think to myself, "I know, I'm old. Thanks."

"Do you have any kids?"

"No. Not right now. One day."

"Really? When?"

"I don't know when. But I want to adopt my children."

"Really?" he asks almost incredulously. "Why? Those kids don't have homes."


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P! said...

Oh. My. Gosh. How sweet. This post is perfection. Love the way it's written so much. Wow.