Tuesday, September 20, 2011

a little crazy

Since my life has been crazy this past month I decided on Saturday I would contribute to the crazy that is reigning me at the moment and ...

... chopped my hair off. Well, I didn't chop it off, but I voluntarily allowed someone to chop it off before my very eyes. Yep. That's right. 

My hair is gone. g-o-n-e. gone.

I'm not really sure what possessed me to chop it all off. I guess I had been thinking about doing it for about five minutes and finally was just fed up with it and decided to get it cut. Drastically. I'm sure next time I get it cut (which will be never) it won't be quite so drastic. 

I could never get a tattoo. I've wanted one for a long time, but I know I could never get one because of this simple reason: I am too indecisive. I'm not saying I don't like my hair cut, I do. But I wasn't really sure about getting it cut and then all of the sudden it was gone. A tattoo... if you're not really sure about getting one, you should probably not be getting one in the first place, cause that thing is not going away (or growing back like my hair thankfully will). 

I didn't take a before picture for some reason, maybe because I didn't think I would actually have it all cut off. But this is what it used to look like (except a little bit longer)... 

(can you tell I take a lot of self portraits and that I always sit in the same spot when I take them? : )  

so long... 

Also, before she cut it she told me how long it would be afterwards, a length I was most happy with. Then when she finished cutting she looked at my hair and said, "Oh! That's a lot shorter than I thought it was going to be!" 

um. thanks? I thought that was rule number one of things not to say as a hair dresser. 

eh. Oh, well. I'll just get use to my new hair-do. I do like it, I think it's cute. And apparently I wanted to have short hair since I had it all cut off willingly. o my.

2 comment(s):

Anonymous said...

cute hairdo! mmm, tooooo cute really. then again, I think it's not the hair that is so cute but the girl wearing it - engaging smile, bubbly personality, and interesting conversationalist.

Amanda said...

I've been in that mood before! It looks great :)