Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas at 32 weeks

Just a few highlights from this week... 

- 32 weeks... baby boy is the size of squash! 

- We went to the doctor and she said you (Gooseberry) were getting really big!! She told me that I have grown 5 centimeters since our last appointment (almost a month ago). That's a lot of growing in there. It's no wonder that I am feeling HUGE these days. But it's ok. Keep growing, it means you're healthy, right? She also said I'm measuring two weeks ahead of schedule... so. yeah. There's that. 

- Gooseberry is kicking [moving] all of the time. It is very easy to see now and I love watching him move. The doctor said that's also a good thing, all the moving :) 

-It's Christmas tomorrow! I Love Christmas. 

- We had some friends over for a little Christmas dinner the other night. I quite enjoyed fixing dinner and spending the evening with some very dear friends. 

- It snowed. It was a tease more then anything. It was a light dusting, but it was snow just the same.

- We are having maternity pictures taken this week! I am soooo excited! I can't wait to take the pictures and then share them! yay!! I think they will turn out beautifully! Can't wait! 

- That's where I'll stop. I hope you you all have a joyful Christmas! 

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