Tuesday, December 11, 2012

baby bump week 30

Pregnancy Highlights

How far along: 30 weeks
(which is crazy! 30 weeks! That just seems so far along! It's like this pregnancy is almost over or something. I mean, I know I still have a ways to go, but 30 weeks just seems like it's near the end!)
baby is the size of a cucumber (interesting I think)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 22  

Maternity Clothes: they are my favorite right now

Best Moment this Week: getting the pictures fixed for this here blog! Actually, I didn't fix anything. I just happened to try uploading a picture and it worked this time. The message didn't pop up and say I had run out of space and needed to buy more. This makes me so happy! I hope I don't have any more trouble with it! 

Gender: boy

Movement: He moves so much! He can be quite distracting while I'm teaching. All I want to do is look down and see my belly move. 

Food Cravings: popcorn, the kind that comes in a Christmas tin... especially caramel :) 

Food aversions: the same. 

What I Miss: not having to go to the bathroom all the time (teaching is quite inconvenient. I can't just go to the bathroom any time I want or need to, which is becoming more frequent).     

Sleep: fine. I've been flipping from side to side a lot lately, and getting hot (which never happens)

What I am looking forward to: Christmas Break! one more week of school after this week!

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