Saturday, September 29, 2012

things I can't seem to do

There has just been so much going on these days and I am finding it difficult to steal even a few minutes away to sit down and write. It's horrible really. I really am working on that. There are quite a few things I have on my list of things to do but they just never seem to get done:

- keep the kitchen and house clean
- hang out with the hubs
- go on daily walks with Puppy
- exercise three or so times a week
- fold the laundry and put it away (right after washing it)
- read/quite time (a little bit every night)
- blog (at least a few times a week)

...and these are all the things that have nothing to do with school. That list is endless. Oh my goodness. I cannot figure out how to balance everything I need to and get all of the papers graded and back to my kids in a timely manner and how to do pretty much everything. It's pretty pathetic really.

But apart from that, things are going. We have been traveling a lot lately too, which always seems to make the house a mess... but I'm not going to grip or complain. I'm just saying this is what has been going on (or not been going on) lately. Hopefully some good changes are on the way :)

I hope you all are doing well and have a peachy weekend!

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