Wednesday, November 2, 2011

golly geepers

It's been a while. I apologize. I won't say anything else about that.

But I will say this: I love Christmas.

I used to think the stores were a little over zealous when they started putting our Christmas goodies before Halloween. Now, I think it's wonderful. It's the best feeling walking into a store and seeing happy little snowmen and penguins, Christmas trees and stockings. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. It also gives me hope. Hope that I can make it through anything. Christmas is a cozy and hopeful time of year and seeing all of the cute, pretty, and festive decorations and treasures out and about gives me that hope, even though Christmas is still two months away.

So I don't care if stores set up and display Christmas things before Halloween. I Love it. It makes me happy and cheery. I love feeling cheery and right about now I can use all the cheer I can get. I might be making daily trips to the store to get me some cheer. Actually, I probably won't be doing that, but, I will enjoy the Happy Christmas Joy when ever I am lucky enough to make it to the store.

Happy Christmas thoughts to you : )

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