Thursday, February 10, 2011


I try to decorate here and there, mostly at my house, and sometimes it turns out looking nice. Other times it can be quite disastrous. Anyhow. I have this problem that comes along with decorating. I'm scared to put holes in the walls. You see, of all of the places I have ever lived (which is countless let me assure you) I was never allowed to put holes in the walls. This was fine. I managed with super glue (just kidding) and duct tape (not kidding). Most things stayed put. But mostly I didn't hang things on the walls. Just didn't do it.

Even now that we have a house there are only a few precious things hanging on the walls. I think the reason I don't hang things on our walls is because it is permeant. Once it's up, it's up. There is no going back. It also means that we are staying in our house for longer than a year (I don't really even remember the last time I lived in one place for a year straight, maybe when I was 10, who knows. I don't). For some reason this scares me a little bit. While I love the fact that we have a beautiful home and I love that we are staying here for longer than I have lived anywhere else in over a decade, it is still a little terrifying to be so ... permeant. Hanging things on the walls only shows that yes, yes indeed, this is our permanent home and we will be here.

So anyway, the other day the hubs and I were out and about with gift card money (the best kind there is) and stumbled across some super cute decorations for our bedroom. We bought them (again an amazing feat as I only looked up and said, "I like those!" and not even two whole minutes later we were buying them. Crazy, I know!). We decided it (our bedroom) needed a little bit of pizzazz and finally mustered up the courage to buy (and keep) some decorations.

I would show you a before picture, except I can't seem to find one. So just imagine a blank blue wall above black head board. Cause that's what it looked like before.

Before picture:
insert the image you see in your head of an empty blue wall with a black headboard on it.

After picture:

No more empty blue wall... no sir. It's a good thing I like this new decor considering as how I just poked 900 little holes in the wall above our bed and am stuck with it either way : )

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Jess said...

looks so cute! i love it! :)