Wednesday, February 2, 2011

the locker

So, I really shouldn't be doing this right now: writing that is... at least on here... But I can't help myself. I just have to. I feel like it helps me keep my sanity. That or it's just a really wonderful procrastination tool that makes me feel like I'm being productive. Really, it's a win win. Procrastinate while doing something good and useful. right.

Anyhow. I went running the other day (I seem to be finding myself doing an awful lot of running lately...) and it was miserable. As always. Cause really, can running ever be fun? I think not. I am still trying to figure out how I am going to manage to drag my feet across 13 miles of pavement in less than 10 hours. O, where have my smarts gone? So yes. I went running. I have been going straight to run after I get out of school (that way I avoid the large and busy crowds and just get it over and done with, both of which I quite like). Usually I lug my purse, coat, scarf, hat, mittens, and bag of workout clothes around with me (but really it's not a bag of workout clothes that I'm totting around the gym because I've just changed out of my school clothes into my workout clothes, so I suppose it would be more accurate to say "totting around my back of school clothes"). Either way, I am lugging a lot around. So one day I had the genius idea to utilize the lockers that are available for use in the ladies locker room. I was all excited and crammed all of my crap in the little cubby/locker thingy. Then I set the code. Thankfully I was bright enough to test my combination out before locking my precious belongings in the locker. It worked. I shut the door and left.

Five hours later after I finished my three mile run I went to get my stuff. And the locker wouldn't open. I kept trying and trying but to no avail, my locker was broken. So I tried the one next to it, hoping for better luck. It opened, but there was nothing in it so of course it was going to open. I tried the next one and the next one ... None of them were working, or if they were it was like the second on, there was nothing in it. not so helpful. I decided the best thing for me to do would be to leave. Forget about my stuff, who needs it anyway.

Wait. I do. That's right. My keys are in there and I would need those to get home. After seven more hours of fiddling with the dang lockers I retuned to the original one. The one that was broken. And guess what? It wasn't broken any more. It just went "pop!" and opened right on up and my bags and fluffy coat came tumbling out. Lovely. I just wasted ten hours of my life trying to get a freakin' locker door open. Why it didn't cooperate in the first place I will never know. ... maybe I'm supposed to be working on my patience? who knows.

But yes. That is my locker story. I'm pretty sure I won't be using the lockers any more.

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