Saturday, October 8, 2011


I love Saturdays. I'm not really sure who wouldn't love a Saturday. They are simply wonderful. I was looking forward to this Saturday in particular. One reason being I knew we wouldn't be going any where. Don't get me wrong, I love going places and seeing people. But I really just love being home. I like to be able to get things done around the house or maybe (if it's a special occasion) do nothing at all. But even if being at home involves cleaning and laundry and other such chores I would still pick to be at home. Another reason I love Saturdays is because I get to sleep in. I love sleep and I hate hearing an alarm go off in the morning. That's why one of my favorite things about Saturdays is not having to wake up to an alarm.

Last night I stayed up super late, it was at least 10:45 before I dragged myself from the couch where I had already been snoozing to go upstairs for bed. I was very much looking forward to sleeping as long as I wanted.

But this morning an alarm went off. Not mine. Not the Hubs'. The walnuts. Yes. The walnuts woke me up rudely and abruptly. In fact when I was first jolted out of my sleep I thought I had heard a gun shot. That's what walnuts sound like.

Ok. Maybe they don't always sound like a gun shot. But around these parts, they do. Yes, sir-ee. You see, we have a shed. The shed has a tin roof. The walnut tree grows right over the shed. So, every fall starting in mid-August and lasting until about the middle of November the walnuts fall. Any time they fall and hit the shed, "BANG!" It is so loud it is ridiculous. And it literally sounds like a gun has been fired two feet from our house.

This is especially scary when the hubs is not home and it is dark out side. And it is irritating when you are trying to sleep and walnuts keep falling.

I just thought I'd share my thoughts from this morning about how much I love walnuts : )

ok. that's all.

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P! said...

I love Saturdays too!! This particular Saturday is the first time I've had all week to sit down and catch up on my blogging and will probably be one of the last times I have for yet another week- Sorry I've been a bad bloggy friend, but I'm glad I'm getting caught up now. :)